Adérita Artistic Space

Art Gallery in Almancil

The art gallery Adérita Artistic Space is a new and pleasant place in Almancil  where you can enjoy art in its manifold dimensions. The gallery is dedicated to introduce an attractive program with exhibitions cycles, social gatherings and other cultural events. In its first year Adérita has focused her work in presenting exclusive projects that range from urban art to sculptures in different materials.

Adérita Silva began her artistic development in Paris, where she worked in  advertisement  and fashion design. These conditions led her to painting. The passion for this art has invaded her whole  being, leading her to a new world, full of new impressions and emotions.

Since then she has dedicated her self unconditionally and tirelessly to express her emotions through her works. Each canva is designed patiently , where the colors and abstract shapes arise according to the emotions felt at that moment. Thus, the emotional expression is the platform to create her pieces. 
The mastery of color and movement techniques applied in her work, makes Aderita paintings _ very special. The contemplation of her works seduces the viewer to embark on a unique journey, and have the opportunity to experience different sensations never experienced before being transported to a world full of unknown and new emotions. 

Av. 5 de Outubro, Edifício Doza 141

8135-100 Almancil

Phone: +351- 912 186 868


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