Highway Toll

What you should know before using a motorway in Portugal

Tolls on motorways in Portugal

There are two different systems for paying tolls on motorways in Portugal:

Toll booths

At these, the tolls must be paid in cash or with an ATM card. The track called "Via Verde" is linked to a system of  automatic payment tolls, allowing the driver to pay by direct debit.  Only drivers who have their cars equipped with the "Via Verde Identifier" electronic device can use this lane. The device can be bought at many places throughout the country. The A2 motorway leading from the Algarve to Lisbon is part of the Via Verde system.

Electronic tolls

In this exclusive electronic toll collection system, vehicles will be registered when they pass through the gantries installed at the beginning of each motorway section. Accesses to toll road routes are clearly marked with a sign with the words “portagem eletrónica” (Electronic Toll Only). Since the end of 2011, the A22 'Via do Infante de Sagres' motorway in the Algarve uses  this system.

Rental Cars

Many rental cars now come equipped with an electronic toll device. In this case, the payment of tolls used by the customer will be deducted in one  transaction at the same time the final bill is paid for the car rental.

If the rental car does not have an electronic toll device then the customer has to go to a Post Office to make the payment of the toll.

Before signing the car hire contract, ask your supplier for detailed information about this service.


Post Payment Service

If your car has no electronic device then when you pass through a gantry an image will be taken of the registration plate and this will be linked to the amount payable.  The data is recorded  until payment of the amount due is made. This method, however, only applies to cars with a Portuguese registration.

  •   Payment: Tolls can only be paid 48 hours after you pass through a gantry.  You then have 5 working days to settle the payment at the Post office or at a Payshop.
  •   Costs: tolls + administrative costs (25 cents per section travelled on the motorway, up to a maximum of € 2 per transaction)
Warning: Failure to pay within the statutory period is contrary to the highway code and is subject to a fine plus administrative fees.


Foreign-registered cars

Owners of cars with foreign registration plates may choose from the following options to make payment of the electronic tolls:

Toll Card

Suitable for those who use the A22 motorway occasionally over a prolonged period

  • Procedure: Acquire a card with a set amount on it to debit the toll  in relation to the sections of motorway driven.
  • Validity: max. 1 year
  • Cost: € 5, € 10, € 20 or € 40
  • Outlets: Welcome Point on the A22 near Castro Marim, petrol stations in Portugal and in Spain, post offices, tourist offices
  • Internet: www.ctt.pt and www.portugaltolls.pt
  • Other: Before you use it for the first time, you must activate the card by SMS

Toll Service

This is suitable for visitors who wish to stay in the Algarve for a short time or travel from Spain to Faro Airport.

  • Procedure: Pre-payment only, unlimited travel within the validity period
  • Validity: 3 consecutive days
  • Cost: € 20 (single price)
  • Outlets: Welcome Point on the A22 near Castro Marim, petrol stations in Portugal and in Spain, post offices, tourist offices
  • Internet: www.ctt.pt and www.portugaltolls.pt
  • Other: Prepayment for a predefined route  on motorways A28 or A41 System Spain - Porto Airport (roundtrip) or the A22 motorway Spain - Faro Airport (roundtrip).

Easy Toll

Suitable for tourists travelling from Spain with the intention of staying in the Algarve for an extended stay

  • Procedure: Automatic payment by credit card (VISA, Mastercard) and linking the registration plate with the transaction
  • Validity: 30 days from the purchase
  • Cost: Variable depending on the use
  • Outlets: Welcome Point on the A22 close to Castro Marim
  • Other: Insert card into the payment terminal; registration will be linked automatically.

Via Verde Visitors

Suitable for drivers of foreign-registered cars driving around the country for an extended stay.

  • Procedure: Rent a temporary  Electronic Device
  • Validity: 90 days, and can be renewed
  • Cost: Variable depending on use + € 6 rental costs of the device in the first week and € 1.50 for each additional week Deposit + € 27.50
  • Outlets, petrol stations, branches of Via Verde
  • Internet: www.viaverde.pt
  • Other: Use of the Via Verde lane on road with toll booth
Warning: The use of a route subject to tolls without pre-payment is an offence which is punishable with a fine of 25 times the fee payable, with a minimum of  € 25 payable.